Friday, May 28, 2010

Character Biography: Conundrum the Gnome

So I am starting a new topic to add to my blog - Character Biographies! Because I am an altoholic and have, more or less, more than one main (is any one of them really a main, then?), I'd like to bring them out to the open for all of you to meet them.

The first character in this new topic is Conundrum. He is my low level gnome warlock. I've never played a gnome before, and to be honest, I hate them almost as much as I hate murlocs. And the Warlock class? Well I am not fond of them either. So, I have a character made from two of the things I dislike about the game. Sounds like instant 'Delete Character', right?

I rolled Conundrum simply for a pure roleplaying aspect. In the past, all of my roleplaying characters have taken on personas of either being honorable knights, serious merchants, evil villains, and even arrogant twits. But I've never done anything with a comedic side. Enter Conundrum.

Conundrum is quite short, standing at an ever impressive three and a half feet tall. He spent a short bit of time studying Engineering with his peers in Ironforge, but it just did not peak his interest. No, what he wanted was to be larger than life! He wanted respect, power, glory, and riches. None of these ever came to a gnome in large amounts, but he is determined to change that. So he decided to learn the dark magics of controlling demons and putting curses on people. He became a warlock.

Conundrum is very clumsy, helped in part by his trickster of an imp. His imp does not like him, not one bit. But unable to do anything about it, the imp just makes the best out of a bad thing and has fun doing it. Oftentimes, the imp can be heard muttering about being attached to a Master only barely taller than himself. Why couldn't he have been paired with someone more imposing. No one takes gnomes seriously!

His attire is always the same: A maroon robe much larger than he is, often causing him to trip and land on his face. He is usually sopping wet from the waist down, from trudging through the snow swept plains of Dun Morogh.

Conundrum just passed his second level test and has learned to summon and control a void walker. Now isn't this just a formula for disaster? The void walker, Grimtast, is much taller than Conundrum is, by more than double. He is also ashamed at being paired with a gnome, and is often heard voicing this opinion quite loudly. He doesn't care if the gnome hears him. What's he going to do? Poke his tail? Oftentimes, both the imp and the void walker can be seen, fighting with each other, Conundrum planted firmly on his rear off to the side. It is quite a sight, indeed.

My intent with Conundrum is pure comedy, trying to get away from the darker and more serious side of my roleplaying. I have two stories already written about him that I will share here with all of you when I get a chance to get them uploaded.

Next character introduction will be the twins Khelandros and Aeoar Glowember. Khel is a Death Knight and his sister is a rogue. I hope to have them up as soon as possible.

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