Friday, May 28, 2010

A Storm Is Coming

I had a creative bug hit me during the quiet hours here at work, and I had to just let it out. So what follows is a short story about... well... see for yourself! It's not too terribly long.


Night has fallen on the city. Business owners lock their doors. Parents call their children home. The only places still open are late night taverns, playing host to the various night owls. The streets are safe enough, the Stormwind guards make sure of that. But they can't be everywhere all of the time. They can't save everyone...

A man stumbles out of the tavern, barely able to keep his footing. The drink was especially good tonight. He makes his way through the dimly lit streets and soon finds himself alone in the park. He stops for a moment and looks around. Yes, there it was. A whooshing sound, faint, light as the wind. But he sees nothing and continues on his way.

Up ahead he sees three individuals. Not wanting any trouble, he crosses to the other side of the park. The three cross as well. An overwhelming sense of fear sobers the man up quickly as he hastens his step. The three quicken their stride as well. The man turns the corner and opens into a full sprint, heading into a side street. He comes up short. Dead end.

He turns around.

Maybe I can bribe them.

He pulls a small pouch from his waist, the sound of coins jingling inside. He takes a step back towards the entrance of the alley, then another. There is no one there. He begins to move forward, thinking it was just the drink playing on his fears and the dark of night. He stops and looks up. Yes, there it is again, the whooshing sound. But just as before, he could not see anything or anyone.

He begins to move again, towards the lighted end of the alley. But this time, it's not empty. Three men stood, barring his way. They spread out and begin making their way towards the man.

"I.. I-I have money. Please... just take it. Leave me be."

The first of the three spoke. "Oh, we'll take the money. And more, old man."

The other two laughed... deep... mocking laughter. They closed around him. One of the men brandished a wooden stick, roughly a foot long. He slammed it into the man's stomach. The man crumpled over, groaning in pain. The other assailant was behind him, choking him with another of the wooden weapons. The first man who spoke approached. He didn't even say anything. He just began pummling his target in the stomach.

The man was let go, and he fell to the floor, barely able to remain on his hands and knees. He looked to the sky, praying for help to any that might be listening. Then, yes... there is was again. The same familiar sound that seemed to have been following him. Only this time, it was accompanied by a body.

Dressed in black, he dropped seemingly out of no where, landing in a crouch between the assailants.

"Looks like a party. Mind if I play?" The man in black spoke.

He thrust his booted foot behind him and caught the first assailant in the chest, sending him flying into the wall. The wooden batton was brought down towards the saviors head. He raised his left arm, blocking the blow. With his right, a swift upper cut landed squarely on the chin of the next attacker, lifting him up into the air. He landed with a thud, motionless.

The third attacker ran towards the man in black, swinging his fists in a series of punches. Each blow was deflected with ease. The first attacker regained his senses and moved to position himself behind the man in black. The man jumped beackwards, his leg extending into another kick. Connecting with the man behind him, he pushed off and aimed a kick at the man in front of him.

Realizing they could not beat this strange man, the two attackers grabbed their unconsious friend and ran off, disappearing around the corner. All the while, the sobered up late night goer was huddled in a corner, carefully watching everything transpire.

The man dressed in black turned to look at him, then turned to leave.

"Wait! Who are you?" he asked the man in black.

The man in black replied. "A Storm is coming. Watch for it."

"How can I thank you?" was all the old man could think to say.

The mysterious man dressed all in black stopped to think for a moment, then replied: "You won't never have to."

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