Friday, June 18, 2010

World Explorer: Exploring Azeroth One Zone at a Time

I recently found out that the Cataclysm Friends and Family Alpha had started a little while ago, and that got me into thinking that the expansion is not very far away. With my play schedule what it is, it takes me forever to get anything done, and there is a lot of things that I would like to do before the world is torn asunder. So this category is going to be dedicated to my trek across Azeroth!

At some point in time, Deathwing is going to 'asplode from the ground and the world is going to look like a pimple just vomited on a fat kids face. Some zones are going to be changed very little, such as Westfall. Still, other zones are going to be receiving a major overhaul, like the Barrens and Desolace. I know that there are many zones that I have never stepped in, such as Stonetalon Mountains, The Burning Steppes, and Silithus. There are other zones that I've spent more time in than I can say without being embarrassed.

I want to see the world! As it is now anyway. So I'm spending the next few weeks casually exploring the different areas of Azeroth and Outlands. I'll be taking screenshots of the areas that I find to be really cool looking. Like this shot of a waterfall that I found while flying over Nagrand.

I've actually gotten a lot of the achievement done. In order to complete the World Explorer meta achievement, you will need to complete the explorer achievements for Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, and Northrend. I went for the Northrend achievement first, since I was already there, and I had most of the zones uncovered anyway. What was cool was that I got a tabard from Brann Bronzebeard, the Tabard of the Explorer, which I thought was really neat.

Next I went off to Outland, since I had most of those zones completed as well. There were two zones that I had barely entered when I was leveling so I had a lot of exploring to do. The character I am using to complete this achievement is a Death Knight, so at level 68 I hightailed it to Northrend. So once I got done with Outlands, I headed to Stormwind.

The Eastern Kingdoms took a lot longer to complete because I had to ride everywhere on my land mount. I ended up completing that achievement and now have the continent of Kalimdor to look forward to. Honestly, I'm actually doing this more to see the world as it exists today. Once Cataclysm hits, the world is going to be forever changed. I don't ever want to regret not having had the chance to experience a zone and the storyline that goes with it.

As each zone is explored, I plan to take a screenshot or two of a truly magnificent sight and post it here under the category of World Explorer in the form of a post card. Or I will try. I'm not very good with the graphics editing and stuff. Hah!

Well thanks for visiting The Wyrms Fire! Be sure to check us out for our next lore inspired article!

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