Monday, July 12, 2010

The Agamand Family of Tirisfal

Seeing as how Cataclysm is going to change the face of Azeroth as we know it, I wanted to experience some of the zones and their quests before they all change. One of my favorite areas in the game overall is Tirisfal Glades. Aside from being very creepy looking, the zone is beautifully designed and has several very cool quest lines that I find fascinating.

One of the feelings that I get from Tirisfal Glades is an overwhelming sense of sadness at the torture that people had to have gone through. The zone itself is populated by the Forsaken, most of whom were previous residents who had been struck by the plague and either risen as a mindless member of the Scourge or freed from the Lich King's control and taken in by the Forsaken. One of my favorite questlines in the zone involve the Agamand Family.

The Agamand family in Tirisfal Glades could have been considered extremely weathly and well off. They owned the area in the northwestern part of the zone, which consisted of several mills, windmills, and even a family crypt that housed several generations of their ancestors. But peace was not theirs to be had.

The Scourge invaded the Glades, and Gregor ordered the family and their servants to defend the land from the filthy undead. They held out for some time, as they were well stocked and had a huge garrison of servants to help in the defense.

Devlin Agamand had other plans in mind for his family. Unlike his father, Devlin wasn't very brave and always found shortcuts to weasel is way out of trouble. It's of no wonder that he fell first to the plague.

He was to help agents of the Scourge invade the Agamand Mills family estate, which he did willingly. The defenders were able to defeat the Scourge forces, but sustained severe casualties. It wasn't until too long after the encounter that Scourge forces overran the mills, claiming all souls in the name of the Lich King.

Each member of the Agamand family now serves the Scourge in the name of the Lich King. Gregor, his wife Nissa, their two children Devlin and Thurman, as well as hundreds of family servants all patrol the mills.

Captain Dargol, one of the initial invaders of Agamand Mills, has made the family crypt his base of operations and has used necromancy to reanimate the corpses of many of the Agamand Family ancestors who also patrol the area.

That's really about it for the Agamand Family. Theirs is a sad tale that ends in servitude to the Lich King, and their ultimate deaths at the hands of a band of adventurers working for a very upset Coleman Farthing.

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