Friday, October 22, 2010

Preparing for Cataclysm

December 7th is the day all of us are waiting for. The day that all of our collective Azeroth lives will be changed forever... at least until the next expansion. There is LOADS of new stuff coming out of BlizzCon, but as of yet, no major announcements. I've been thinking about what I am going to do when Cataclysm hits, and honestly, I have NO idea.

I have only two characters out of my 10 that I am keeping: Khelandros, Level 80 Human Death Knight, and Istaria, Level 34 Human Priest. The rest of my characters are getting the proverbial axe and dying in the firey destruction of Azeroth. In their places, I will create the following characters:

Atrias - Human Hunter
Khelidas - Forsaken Hunter
Wyrmsfire - Troll Druid
Conundrum - Gnome Warlock
And a as yet unnamed Dwarf Shaman

Those are just my alternate characters. I will be also trying out the new starter areas for the other races, but I probably will not play those characters as much, if at all. And as for the new races:

Khisanith - Worgen Warrior
Kravix - Goblin Rogue

Once I have completed all of that and I have had my fill of new starter area stuff, I'll start leveling Khelandros through the new level 80+ zones and get him to 85. I will also be bringing Istaria along for the ride as well, but I am sorely tempted to reroll her from scratch as well. I dont know yet. We'll have to see.

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