Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shamanigans - Day One

There are only a few classes that I have not played extensively throughout my time in Azeroth, and only one class that I have been able to successfully level to the level cap. I like all of the available classes, I really do, but I have never been able to play either a Druid or a Shaman to any significant level. I think the highest I have ever gotten a Druid to was level 20, but that was before patch 4.0.1 so things may change. I will try to pick things up with a Troll Druid once Cataclysm rips Azeroth a new one.

In the mean time, I need a distraction. My daily routine seems to consist of me logging into Khelandros (my only level 80) and running the 9 daily quests at the Argent Tournament. I'm working on collecting enough Champion Seals so that I can get heirloom armor sets for each of the alts I am going to roll once Cataclysm hits. As of right now, I have the plate set for Paladins and Warriors, the Elemental set for Shaman, the leather set for rogues, and the other leather set for Druids. I also have the cloth set too. The last set I am working on is the mail set for hunters. But other than that, I'm not doing much with Khel.

So I decided to try and roll an Orc Shaman, just for shits and giggles. I gave him the heirloom set I have for Shaman and have decided to write about my experience leveling him. I'm going to have fun with him, no matter what. So I've decided to create a column dedicated to him, and all other things Shaman called Shamanigans.

Now, since patch 4.0.1 dropped, the new leveling system is in place. Honestly, I think it has it's good things and bad things. I like that as I level, it will tell me that I have gained a level and will notify my if I have new abilities and talent points available. It's a pretty useful feature. Also, since the patch, the whole leveling experience has changed in terms of abilities and spells that you get at different levels. Its a totally new experience. Now, what I don't like is the frequency at which you gain new abilities and talent points. It hasn't been very consistent with me. I am used to gaining a new spell or skill at each even level that I gain. Now, I never know when I am going to get a new spell. I expected one at level... 4 I think. And I didn't get the new skill until level 5.

Anyhow, I took Wyrmsfire through the Valley of Trials and completed everything there, while getting him to level 5. Here's a picture of how he looks at the moment.

I would like to take him as far as I can before Cataclysm hits. Because as soon as it does, this character will be one of the ones that doesn't make it through all of the destruction. In his place, I will roll a Wildhammer dwarven shaman who will continue on in the Shamanigans column!

If anyone would like to adventure with me, and contribute to the Shamanigans, please feel free to contact me any time. I'm on the Earthen Ring server and the character name is Wyrmsfire. See you guys for the next installment of Shmanigans!

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